The Most Effective Strategies For Blogging By Leslie Rubero

There are many individuals around the world that make their living doing the blogging such as Leslie Rubero. This is true for many online activities. For example, some of the most successful people on the Internet or those that have YouTube channels that have millions of visitors. Blogging is a little bit different. You have to come up with unique content, just like videos, but the marketing strategies can be varied. Social media does play a large role, along with word-of-mouth advertising, but blogging demands a little bit more from those that hope to be successful. Let’s discuss the most effective strategies for blogging that may help you create a full-time income on the web.

Why Can The Blogging Help You Become Successful?

One of the reasons that blogging can be so successful is people still do read blogs. Although videos are much more popular because there is very little that must be done, there are those that are looking for unique content and information. In many cases, the blogger also has a video channel, or they may have a podcast that they are recommending. The content may simply be a way of introducing what they will be talking about, and that will lead to the video blog, podcast, or the YouTube video channel that they are simultaneously maintaining. The reason that blogging can help you become successful is because of how you can rank your pages on the Internet. They can also be shared through social media.

How Do You Construct A Successful Blog?

Although many people might think content is the key to your success, it actually is not at the top of the list. In fact, it is the theme of the blog that is what will help you attract the people that will become loyal readers. The theme is not just about the content. You also have to brand yourself in a certain way. You may have a unique name for your blog, as well as unique graphics that will go along with the content that you are presenting. It could be an acronym for the name of your blog, or it could be a unique symbol. Once you have decided on a unique name with a logo to match, you will be ready to start designing the structure of your blog.

How Should You Structure The Blog Itself?

The blog should be structured with a graphic at the top which could either extend all the way across, or it could be a logo off to the left. Underneath that will be the bar where they can click on a drop-down menu, leading to all of the content. Below that will be the content that you will post and to the right, or to the left, you will have more links leading to previous posts that you have made. At the very bottom will be links which will include contact information, legal pages, and direct links to your video channel if you have one.

How To Create Your Content

If you have ever worked for a news station before, or even a radio station, there is a certain format that everything follows. There will be the discussion about the stories that will be discussed, or the people that will be interviewed. This will then be organized into different segments. When you are creating your blog, you will also want to use the same type of format. You will choose a specific topic every day, or every week, that you are going to address. If you are doing a weekly topic, each day that you post will have information on that topic, broken up into five separate segments. If you are doing a daily post, you need to break that information up into a couple different focal points. You may have an introductory paragraph, the content that you want to discuss, and a final paragraph which has a call to action. This call to action will be to direct the visitor to either more information on your website, your podcast, or your videos that you are also doing. It may be as simple as an affiliate link going to a product they can buy, or it could lead to your autoresponder where they can subscribe to get your newsletter.

Why Newsletters And Blogging Go Together

It’s not enough to simply blog your information. There is the possibility that once someone finds your website through advertising or social media, they may not come back again. Unless they have like to your social media page and receive the updates, you will likely lose them from that point forward. If you can entice your visitors to subscribe to your newsletter, they will get a notification every time that you have posted something new. This will direct them back to your site, and if you do this at least once a day, you will see a steady stream of traffic coming to your blog.

How Do You Monetize A Blog?

Monetizing a blog is really easy to do. For example, if you are using a WordPress platform, which most people are, it’s easy to advertise in three different ways. First of all, you are going to have a pop up which will either promote your newsletter, or it may promote a product that you are selling. Second, there will be advertisements that will be on the sidebar. They may also be at the top, bottom, and throughout the post that you have just made. When they click on those links, you will earn money, or it may lead them to an affiliate product that you are selling. The final way that you can make money with a blog is to get people to subscribe to your newsletter. Every time that they receive a newsletter, there will be at least one link that will direct them to something they can purchase. It is recommended that you have all three of these marketing techniques fully active on your website so that you can monetize your blog.

Creating a blog does not have to be difficult, nor is monetizing the visitors. As long as you are coming up with regular content, you can sell products and earn money every day. To be successful, they need to come back consistently. This can be done through social media or a newsletter. Once you have a regular schedule, and have monetized your blog, you will be ready to make money by posting on a regular basis.